About Me

Hi World!
My name is Tessie T. I am a twenty-something bookworm who loves hot-tea, shoes, makeup, and my husband. I have always loved playing with and learning about makeup (I even sell it!), and I have always loved journaling. On the recommendation of my husband, I decided to start a blog.


A Little More About Me & My Life:
Awkward, klutzy, and disorganized by nature, the word messie doesn’t just rhyme with my name, it describes me to a T. I was born and raised on my family’s farm in Southern Maryland. My husband and I have a golden retriever named Andy, and two cats, Artemis and Archie. Our life is hectic at best. We both work full time and on top of that my husband is a full time student and I am a part time student. I love trying new things, especially if those things are new-to-me hot teas, beauty products, shoes, or makeup.


Contact Information:
Here are links to all the places you can find, follow or contact me:
My Avon eStore | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Buisness Inquires can be emailed to: messietessie(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back soon!


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