Training For My First Half Marathon

Well, I officially have 20 weeks until the Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

A bit of background, I started running in March 2013 with the Zombies, Run! 5k Training App. Over the past 4 years, I’ve stopped and started many times, but I always come back to it. When I consistently run 3-4 times a week, my mood is more managable, I manage my depression and anxiety easier, and my ADHD medication seems to work much better.

In 2017 so far, I’ve run these 5ks:
22nd Annual Run/Walk for Hospice of St. Mary’s
Historic St. Mary’s Half Marathon and 5K Race
11th Annual Leatherneck 5k Run/Walk
Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad 5K

Now, onto the Half Marathon Training Details:
I purchased the Runner’s World beginner half-marathon training that is tailored for the half-marathon I’m running. It is 12 weeks long, so here is my plan:

  • Start Monday (5 June) with Week 1.
  • When I reach the end of the training in August, I’ll do a test run of the full 13.1 miles.
  • Then I’ll restart the training at Week 5, and the end of the training will fall perfectly on the race date it was designed for.

The weeks sort of look like this:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 2-3 mile easy run
  • Wednesday: Cross Train (Or Rest)
  • Thursday: a 3-7 mile easy, paced, or hill run on Thursday
  • Friday: Cross Train (Or Rest) and later in the schedule, some 2 mile easy runs
  • Weekends: Cross Training (or Rest) day and one a long run that is anywhere from 4 miles to 12 miles.

On the 3 Cross Training days, I plan to do a FitStar strength workout and stretch out with some yoga. I also have a “Yoga for Runners” DVD that I bought a while back. I really like the Active-Recovery workout and the post-run routines on it, and will most likely be using them as well.


My typical running “route” is running laps around my fenced in backyard, (about 0.2km). I started running laps around the yard because our dog, Andy, weighs about 110 pounds and is too strong for me to walk by myself, let alone run with. When we run in the backyard, he trots alongside me and when he sees a squirrel, or needs a drink, he can run off without ripping my arm off.

I can tolerate running around the backyard for about 5km, but anything longer than that, I have to take it onto the road.  I’m currently scoping out places for me to run to and back for each of the longer than 3 miles distances in the training.  Andy will have to stay home for those.


What is the longest distance you have ever run? Let me know in the comments! Currently, mine is 5-miles, but it is looking like that is about to change!

~Messie Tessie


2 thoughts on “Training For My First Half Marathon

  1. So excited for you running your first half–you will love it, I think it is the best distance! Really challenging but really doable too. It’s actually the furthest I’ve ever run–but that will be changing for me soon as well, running my first full in November!! Good luck with your training!!

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