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Hi World!
My name is Tessie T. I am a twenty-something bookworm who loves hot-tea, shoes, makeup, and my husband. I have always loved playing with and learning about makeup (I even sell it!), and I have always loved journaling. On the recommendation of my husband, I decided to start a blog.

A Little More About Me & My Life:
Awkward, klutzy, and disorganized by nature, the word messie doesn’t just rhyme with my name, it describes me to a T. I was born and raised on my family’s farm in Southern Maryland. My husband and I have a golden retriever named Andy, and two cats, Artemis and Archie. Our life is hectic at best. We both work full time and on top of that my husband is a full time student and I am a part time student. I love trying new things, especially if those things are new-to-me hot teas, beauty products, shoes, or makeup.

A Little More About The Blog:
I plan to make this blog mainly beauty, fashion, and lifestyle focused, but honestly, it will probably be about a little it of everything. Like I mentioned above, I sell Avon, so expect to see some Avon products mentioned with links to where you can buy them. Let me know in the comments of any post if there is anything to want to see from me! I am fully open to suggestions and constructive criticism!

Contact Information:
Here are links to all the places you can find, follow or contact me:
My Avon eStore | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Buisness Inquires can be emailed to: messietessie(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back soon!


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